About us

Luciano Gomes 

A charismatic dancer that is responsible for establishing the zouk scene in Spain. Originally from Brazil, he now resides in Galicia, Spain, where he teaches zouk, bachata and salsa. In the past 15 years he has travelled the whole of Spain, spreading the magic of zouk. Besides performing and teaching weekend workshops and regular classes, he is also known as a master of party animation and an excellent DJ who caters to everybody's liking.


Sofie Toris 


A passionate woman who became a pioneer of Brazilian dances in the Czech Republic. She travelled the world to be able to bring the best of latino dances into her native Prague. In 2006 she opened the first dance school in the country to focus on latino dances. Later, as not only a teacher but also a performer and choreographer, she expanded to other European countries, Africa, Asia and North America. 


Luciano & Sofie